Led by the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA), Constructive is a national construction forum that brings the industry together to discuss sector issues and create a platform for resolving those issues collaboratively.  

The industry needs to take much more of a leadership role and support sector development and this forum is a major step towards this. Through sharing ideas and experiences and challenging the norm, the industry is better able set itself mandates for change and take the lead for an improved operating environment.

In 2016, Constructive focused on the lessons learnt from the Christchurch earthquakes and the Global Financial Crisis and how, nationally, the sector has had to react and adapt to survive and thrive.

The programme consisted of informative and interactive panel discussions made up of leaders from the industry in both residential and commercial construction.  They shared insights into the transformation of their businesses to meet the changing demands of the industry and, in some cases, launch into new markets.

Leaders from across the construction sector attended and participated. Delegates gained knowledge on how to evolve and grow their businesses while meeting a broad cross section of like-minded folk within the industry.

Constructive is owned by RMBA and supported by a family of sponsors and partner organisations and will be next held in Auckland on 2-4 August 2017.  

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