Tip 4 - Selecting a Builder

Who to choose?

Along with getting your plans in order, one of the most important decisions is selecting your builder. If you are using an architect they can manage the process for you. However, it is your call who gets to do the work.

Some options are:

Volume Builders

They are generally some of the larger building firms that have a number of construction crews, painters, joiners, the works. Simply, anything you want they can do. They tend to be quick and efficient but they may not be the cheapest.

Custom or Individual Builders

Are those who specialise in set plans which, within certain limits, you can customise to your taste. When building to their plans they can be a very economical choice.

Make sure you research thoroughly, question and listen to everything about prospective builders. What do other people say about the builder and what does your gut say.

Remember that cheapest is not always best and you need to feel comfortable that you can trust your builder with what could be one of your biggest ever investments and a good working relationship is essential for a successful project. Look at more than one option, even if you have in mind a preferred builder. When you are getting quotes, tell the builder you are getting other quotes. This will not only keep their pencils sharp, but they will appreciate the honesty.

Consider if your builder is a Registered Master Builder. To be a Member they have already had to prove they can run a successful business and meet quality standards. They are also able to offer the Master Builder Guarantees. 

Use a Licensed Building Practitioner

Get the right person on the job. Read about why you need licensed people.