Use licensed people on the job

A new awareness campaign is running to the end of the year, encouraging people to use the right people for their building work.  Aimed at both consumers and industry, it’s a reminder that many residential projects need licensed building practitioners (LBPs) to build it right.  

“We’re continuing to see high volumes of residential building consents,” says Paul Hobbs, Registrar, Building Practitioner Licensing at MBIE.  “In times of high demand, it’s important people know that their choice of practitioner matters. If an LBP is needed but not used, it could affect the safety, value and insurability of a home and lead to a fine of up to $20,000 for the homeowner or builder.”

Only LBPs can do or supervise restricted building work – it’s a legal requirement. This helps ensure that most New Zealanders’ biggest investment, their home, is structurally sound and weathertight. 

Introduced in 2012, restricted building work is residential design, construction or alteration work that requires a building consent and involves or affects a house or small to medium sized apartment building’s:
primary structure
fire safety design (in small to medium sized apartment buildings).

Restricted building work does not apply to mixed use buildings (for example, shops on the ground floor and residential above).

To be restricted building work, it also has to be covered by one of the seven licence classes.  These are design, carpentry, bricklaying or blocklaying, external plastering, roofing, foundations and site.  

Homeowners are encouraged to ask for an LBP’s ID card and check the LBP register.  The radio, print and social media campaign also acts as a reminder for practitioners involved with restricted building work. Go to to learn more about your rights and obligations when building.