Registered Master Builders is proud to support Men's Health Week.

Men’s Health Week was established in 2010 to raises awareness among Kiwi males about the need to take care of and responsibility for their own health.

In 2022 Men's Health Week will be from June 13 to June 19.

Why we support Men's Health Week:

Registered Master Builders have been the longest and strongest supporters of Men’s Health Week in New Zealand.

Watch this video from 2019 where MHW Ambassador Mark Sainsbury speaks to David Kelly, our Chief Executive about the health and wellbeing of Members and all construction sector workers.


Every year, Men’s Health Week focuses on a specific male health issue. In 2022 the Men's Health Week NZ theme is “start with the small steps”. It can be overwhelming to think about your health on top of everything else that is happening at the moment, but you need to look after yourself first and foremost to ensure good health for years to come. Small steps can enable you to turn your health issues around. Don't wait until something goes wrong – so much of what can go wrong can be prevented, and it is easy with small steps.

The great news is we’re not dong this alone, we’ve got heavyweight support from Roger Tuivasa Sheck, the Warriors skipper and his team. Mike King has tips to safeguard our mental health and Tom Sainsbury, the comedian who has skewered our politicians with his impersonations is creating a whole series of characters for Men’s Health Week.  

So lots to come, including interactive quizzes to check out what you know and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t.  Check out some important videos below!



Here are some easy things you can do to take control of your health:

  • Complete the Men’s Health Week “What’s Your Score?” online health survey challenge. This survey is a simple health assessment that covers a number of health and lifestyle related questions – factors that can impact on your health
  • Take the 2022 Men's Health Week Quizzes! - Click here to check them out!

Registered Master Builders is a proud sponsor of Men’s Health Week.