Constructive 2021: Our Opportunity to Build Forward Better


This year has brought unprecedented challenges, as a perfect storm has hit the building and construction sector. How we navigate our way through it is the focus of this year’s Constructive Forum.

It’s no time to sit on the sidelines. It’s time to engage and Constructive is the place to do it.   

Our Opportunity to Build Forward Better 
A perfect storm – unprecedented demand coupled with the COVID disruption, as well as the immigration reset, labour constraints, low manufacturing capacity and supply chain disruption is facing our sector. Constructive provides a path to navigate our way through the storm. 

Constructive is focused on practical solutions, ensuring this does not become a profitless boom. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Grant Robertson, industry heavyweights, high-level government leaders, and the cream of our architects, builders, urban planners and engineers will share their insights into the sector’s current condition and future direction. 

Solutions to Deliver Quality and Affordable Homes 
Our housing crisis is complex. It is critical that we learn from each other to ensure we can build better and smarter to deliver the homes this country needs. Our speakers will share their insights and approaches, including providing IP and plans. This includes approaches that have shaved 30% off the cost of building, while still meeting a 100-year design life. 

Constructive 2021 is your chance to join, learn from, and question the best informed and most innovative thinkers from across industry and government. 

Who will we be hearing from: 

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