Economic Outlook webinar

Date: Tuesday 6 December 2022
Time: 10.00am

Acknowledging the current slowdown across the industry, Master Builders has organised a webinar on the economic outlook for 2023 to help you understand what this may mean for you and how you can proactively manage your business through this. 

Kelvin Davidson, Chief Property Economist at CoreLogic, will lead off with the economic outlook for the building industry in the year ahead, sharing key insights, perspectives and stories that paint a picture of what this means for the sector. 

Johnny Calley, our current President and a residential building business owner and property developer, will share what he’s thinking about the upcoming period and how his business may need to adapt.

This is a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what changes you’ll make to ensure your business weathers the upcoming economic challenges.



Kelvin Davidson
Chief Property Economist - CoreLogic

Kelvin spent 15 years working largely in private sector economic consultancies in both New Zealand and the UK. Kelvin is well practiced in applying macroeconomic trends and data to the property market, both residential and commercial. In his role with CoreLogic, Kelvin’s focus is on keeping up to date with what’s going on in the property market and continually finding different ways for viewing and interpreting it. Kelvin holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours majoring in Economics from University of Canterbury.  

Johnny Calley
President - Registered Master Builders 

Johnny Calley joined the RMBA Board in 2017 and was elected President in 2022. Johnny founded his company Calley Homes in the Bay of Plenty with wife Michelle in 2008. As well as extensive local industry knowledge and experience, he has worked in the UK for a number of years giving him an international perspective. Johnny has significant professional experience and leadership accomplishments in business and business growth.