Future Focused

TechPark, Manukau Institute of Technology
Construction Marketing Services Education Project Award
ASC Architects
ASC Architects (Architect/Designer), Electrical Consulting Services (Engineer), Haydn & Rollett (Construction Company), Kingstons (Quantity Surveyor), MSC Consulting Engineers (Engineer), Thurston Consulting (Engineer), Whakaaro-Kingsman (Tenant Project Manager)

About the build:

The Manukau Institute of Technology’s new TechPark is a 9000m2 educational facility bringing all of the Institute’s professional engineering and trade schools under one roof. It features state of the art industrial workshops, laboratories, flexible teaching spaces, and student amenities.


Each of these spaces was an extensive and technical build which required incredible skill and communication by all parties to deliver the final product. All of this was successfully delivered to a tight timeframe in the middle of a global pandemic, on time and on budget. TechPark is an outstanding example of clarity of educational purpose and design delivered in the context of traditional spaces and the shift towards the future of learning.

Judges comments:

TechPark was designed to be a state-of-the-art educational facility housing all of Manukau Institute of Technology’s professional engineering and trade schools under a single roof. A two-stage public selection process led to a partnership between Haydn and Rollett as the developer, builder, and owner, and with MIT as the tenant. The conceptual design involved rethinking the model for professional engineering and trade schools in a polytechnic environment. This design process resulted in large open-space workshops, laboratories, and flexible learning spaces. Haydn and Rollett wore their multiple hats with clarity and transparency and delivered a quality result to a satisfied user.