Health and Safety Policy Template

As you are all aware the Covid-19 situation is a growing concern for us all. 

It is of the upmost importance and priority for everyone to contribute and support NZ efforts to minimise the spread of the virus, in order to keep everyone healthy, keep our health system operating well and doing everything you can to continue on your projects.

The Government has taken steps to isolate all international travelers, which hopefully with help with New Zealand's chances of not heading on a similar path to Europe, the UK and the USA. 

Below is a policy template that you may wish to use as a guide to develop your own policy and practices for your building site. 

Once you are happy with your policy you should circulate it to all staff, consultants, suppliers and contractors.

We also ask that you continue to keep up-to-date with the Ministry of Health’s recommendations and the World Health Organisation (WHO) workplace guidance. 

Template: [please personalise this to suit your circumstances] 

Guidelines from MOH should be supported in all instances.

  1. All site toilets, lunch rooms, offices, door handles, light switches etc. to be cleaned DAILY.
  2. All people entering site need to wash their hands, following best practice.
  3. Everyone entering the site will need to 
    A. sign in
    B. declare their recent travel history.
    C. confirm that they feel healthy.
    D. wash their hands each time they enter the site.
    E. deliveries must be left at the designated area clearly signposted at the entrance to the building site.
    F. no one enters site unless they have permission.
  4. Anyone who has travelled overseas in the last two weeks or have close family who have travelled recently, must notify the head contractor and self-isolate. 
  5. Everyone is to keep 2m distance from each other and no handshaking or close contact.
  6. Limit use of lunchrooms and smoko areas. We encourage people to separate into small groups, preferably in open air.
  7. Limit the use of shared objects and spaces such as pens and tools.
  8. External meetings to be essential meetings only, and if so limited to XX* persons max.
  9. Internal meetings to be restricted to XX* persons max.
  10. Critical external visitors to site only, such as an engineer to sign off a concrete pour or a Council inspection.
  11. Domestic travel is restricted for essential purposes only. No international travel is recommended. 
  12. Consider the use of public transport and use of shared facilities such as e-scooters, and insert your company's policy.
  13. No social events until further notice, we encourage everyone to stay away from public events.
  14. Break up site offices into different areas to mitigate the risk.
  15. Everyone on site must maintain a high awareness of unwell people and ensure people are complying with the rules.
  16. If you are feeling unwell you do not come to work. Stay at home and for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without the use of fever-reducing medicine. Once your fever is gone for a day, you're no longer contagious and can return to work.

    *XX = consider what is appropriate for your business and insert your decision.