Men's Health Week: How a Canterbury man came to terms with his mental illness, and hopes to inspire others to open up

By: Mark Quinlivan Newshub

This article discusses suicide and mental health.

Ethan Stanbury had worked himself into the ground, and struggled to see a way out.

But, like many men in his position, he didn't open up about how he was feeling.

Today, the 22-year-old drainlayer is living life to the full and spoke to Newshub about his struggles and how he hopes to inspire more men, and women, to open up.

According to the Men's Health Week website, one in eight New Zealand men will experience serious depression during their lifetime.

"In New Zealand the suicide rate for men is three times that of women," an article published on the website says.

"It can be easier to approach the subject by having a concrete idea of where men are most vulnerable."

Stanbury said his struggles started about two years ago.

"I was going through some pretty tough times at work," he told Newshub. "I was working my body so hard that I ended up having a pretty serious car crash, where it could have gone very bad but fortunately I came out with nothing - I walked from flipping a car three times."

Stanbury said he started to realise he was not in a good place. Read more