Disputes Resolution and Complaints

Dispute Resolution
From time to time, the building or renovation process does not go as smoothly as planned. 

With this in mind, Registered Master Builders have engaged an independent company, FairWay Resolution Limited, to assist members and homeowners who are in dispute in relation to their Building Contract, move forward.

FairWay is one of New Zealand’s leading dispute resolution and conflict management organisations. For additional information on FairWay please click here.  

Members or homeowners can contact FairWay on 
Tel:     0800 77 44 02
Email: build-disputes@fairwayresolution.com.

If you wish to submit your dispute with a member to FairWay, you can register it by clicking here.*

*This complaint resolution service is only available to homeowners who have used a Registered Master Builder.

In certain circumstances complaints about a member can be made directly to the Registered Master Builders Association. Please refer to our factsheet for more information.