Membership Benefits

Registered Master Builders receive a wide range of benefits and services which are unrivalled in the construction industry. 

We are here to support our members and provide them with the services they need to build better building businesses.

Here are the top reasons to join us.

Brand People Trust
Contracts that your clients can trust
Master Build 10 Year Guarantee
Advocacy to protect your interests
Networking and support across the country
Training and business tools
Membership at every level

1. Brand People Trust

Score an immediate advantage when you join Registered Master Builders. The Registered Master Builders brand has very high awareness – 95% awareness with consumers* – so using the brand will benefit you and your business.

Get noticed
You’ll be part of an extensive advertising and marketing programme that promotes members to individuals and businesses looking to build.

*2018 research

Major events to promote your business

House of the Year
Registered Master Builders House of the Year is New Zealand’s premium and most recognised awards programme. These awards epitomise building excellence and have been setting the standard in residential construction for over a quarter of a century. This is the perfect way to promote your quality work and market your business. 

New Zealand Commercial Project Awards
The New Zealand Commercial Project Awards (CPA) is the industry’s leading awards programme. It recognises the leaders and teams who create the best of New Zealand’s cities and towns. 

This awards programme offers an excellent opportunity for national recognition.

Apprentice of the Year
Registered Master Builders Apprentice of the Year (AOY) in Partnership with CARTERS is the pre-eminent competition for New Zealand’s young carpentry apprentices. AOY recognises and celebrates excellence in our apprentices and provides the ideal vehicle to showcase the best of the sector to young people considering their career options. 

AOY not only recognises entrants as the industry’s future leaders, the competition also acknowledges the employers that contribute to the industry by investing in young talent.


2. Contracts that your clients can trust

Our members tell us that having access to our range of contracts and best practice documents really helps them. Our contracts are one of the market leaders in New Zealand. They are long-standing and regularly reviewed to ensure they are transparent and fair and remain relevant for market conditions. They are especially created for our industry, are easy to use and follow.  They’re designed to protect and help you run a professional, successful business and are easily accessed from the members’ website ‘Offsite’. 



3. Master Build 10 Year Guarantee

As a member you’ll have exclusive access to a range of highly valued Master Build Guarantees. Our Guarantee is one of most comprehensive products available on the market, including cover for loss of deposit and non-completion.  It is increasingly being requested by name by clients and the mortgage providers. Guarantees provide additional protection for the homeowner and lender against any issues that might arise during or after the construction of a home. Your clients will likely need a guarantee to apply for lending. It also includes the option to transfer to new homeowners if your clients decide to sell.  


4. Advocacy to protect your interests

We make sure your voice is heard.

We talk to our members across both the commercial and residential sectors, then advance and promote our position and interests directly to Government – keeping you up to date along the way with any regulatory changes, industry issues and trends.

‘Constructive’ – the NZ Construction Industry Forum
We’ve taken the lead to establish Constructive, the collaborative forum for our industry. It’s about starting new and different conversations to explore better business models for our members and better results for New Zealand.


5. Networking and support across the country

We have 23 branches up and down the country giving members easy access to mentoring, peer support and networking opportunities. The services our dedicated teams deliver in our local branches are invaluable to members everywhere.
Local catch-ups at events and meetings

Each regional branch runs a number of local events including business and technical training and social events – a great chance to meet and support others in the industry and learn from others experience.

Face to face with Regional Service Managers

Our specialists operate around the country to assist with contracts, guarantees and all other aspects of our membership. They’re there to keep in touch and offer extra help whenever you need it.


6. Training and business tools

Running and growing a business can be tough, so we’ve put together some serious business services to give you the edge.

Mentoring & benchmarking
Mentoring gives you one on one time with an experienced, successful businessperson to help guide and grow your company. As a member you’ll enjoy discounted rates for a 12-month programme. We also have an online tool so you can quickly compare and rank your performance with other businesses.

Business training & education
Elevate is Master Builders online training portal. Members can access the portal at any time on any device. Learn more and upskill yourself through our Elevate training portal – easy to access wherever you are, on any device.

Free legal, financial and accounting advice
You can access essential help from specialists, to point you in the right direction when you need it.*

Specialist help with disputes resolution
We have an independent, third party team to help with dispute resolution and provide mediation.

Valuable discount programmes & services
As a member you can access a huge range of discounts through suppliers and providers – including business and personal insurance products, vehicles, fuel, office stationery, work boots and much more.

Health & Safety First and Foremost
This is the top priority for all businesses, so we’ve partnered with Health & Safety organisations to bring you seminars, eLearning (via our Elevate training portal) and OSH services at discount member rates.

Master Builders also have a member counselling service so you, and your staff, can get some help when you feel the pressure at work or at home is becoming too much. 

Easy access on Offsite
You’ll find all the information you need on our members- only website Offisite. Free access to contracts, industry relevant information and news, calendar of events, our Elevate training portal and much more.

Publications delivered to your door
Our magazine and newsletters will keep you updated on all industry developments and RMBA news and events.

*Terms and conditions apply


7. Membership at every level

Business Membership
Our raft of business memberships will easily accommodate the changing needs of your building company. Whether you’re contracting to other builders, the owner of a franchise building multiple homes or constructing New Zealand’s cities skylines you can belong to Registered Master Builders.

When your company is ready to grow, we can simply transition you to the membership class that best suits your needs.

Individual Memberships
We provide a number of options for those who wish to become an individual member. Whether just starting out in your career as an apprentice, student in construction, a qualified craftsman or professional working in the industry; our range of individual member tips gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being a Master Builder.