Infracom Covid-19 Recovery Study

The COVID-19 outbreak related disruptions mean the economy is currently in a period of high uncertainty and variable activity. Infrastructure has a key role to play in supporting COVID-19 recovery. Infrastructure expenditure as an economic stimulus is not new and infrastructure-related construction has the potential to generate construction activity and contribute to economic growth, both in the short and long term. Therefore, it is vital to plan today to ensure effective recovery over the long-term. However, before a course of action to achieve these outcomes can be set, it is important to understand where we are today and what the economic impact of COVID-19 is on businesses and the sector as a whole, and the current challenges being faced and the solutions that can aid recovery. 

Infracom has engaged Deloitte, supported by AECOM, to undertake a study on the impact of COVID-19 on the infrastructure-related construction sector, with a view of identifying and developing a set of policy interventions to accelerate recovery. This information will help Infracom identify and define suitable policy responses that will have a real impact on the Infrastructure-related construction sector and the wider New Zealand economy. 

To minimise duplication, this survey has been designed not to replicate other recent sector surveys. The survey will close on Wednesday 30th September 2020.

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