COVID-19 Update - Working at Alert Level 3

2 September 2021

CHASNZ have updated their level 3 protocol in light of the new public health order found here.

The CHASNZ updates primarily relate to restrictions and requirements of inter boundary travel and can be found here – see particularly section E.

We note from today’s announcement that the government is also encouraging all workers who are crossing the boundaries between levels to get tested every three to four days. This may become a compulsory requirement so please keep yourself update to date on the potential requirement. 

The CHASNZ protocol also states that “Face covering usage must be according to Ministry of Health requirements."  You can find the Ministry of Health requirements here.

MBIE have also released guidance for the Construction sector regarding working at Alert Level 3 which can be found here.

For any further questions relating to the building and construction sector please email

Please click here to find out general information regarding this outbreak.

Please click here for the guidelines for working at Alert Levels 3 and 4 that we included in our update on Friday.

Please continue to check the locations of interest and ensure you follow the isolation and testing requirements if they relate to you or your household members. Confirmed locations of interest can be found here

Please also continue to get tested if you have any symptoms.

If you missed out on the EBOSS Webinar discussing the reopening of building sites at Level 3 and the effect of the supply chain crisis, you're able to watch it here.

Please look after yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe in your bubbles.

Kia Kaha. 

David Kelly