Registered Master Builders Calls On Government To Extend Mandate To Building And Construction Sector

Registered Master Builders Chief Executive David Kelly today calls on the Government to extend its vaccinations mandates to the building and construction sector. On the back of the successful vaxathon, it is vitally important momentum is maintained.  

“We commend the Government’s bold leadership in establishing vaccine mandates in health and education sectors. It is the right thing to do. We now call on the Government to front foot broadening mandates to the building and construction workforce”, stated Mr. Kelly. 

“Our members are facing a complex situation in the residential sector where clients are advising they only want vaccinated builders in their homes, which they are legally entitled to do. This places the main contractor in a bind, as they are unable to require their employees to be vaccinated, can’t disclose vaccination status to others, or indeed may not know the vaccination status of all their employees”, Mr. Kelly said.

Master Builders has received strong feedback from members across the sector that the lack of clarity around mandates is increasingly causing confusion and exacerbating already stressful client relationships during a time of peak demand.  This is on top of confusion about their Health and Safety responsibilities to keep their staff safe. 

“A government mandate will clear that confusion. It is urgent for it do so because of the particular nature of the building and construction sector”, said Mr. Kelly.

Construction workers travel longer distances to work and often to multiple daily workplaces. They are exposed to the public in uncontrolled home environments. They frequently work indoors in poorly ventilated environments, and the physical nature of the work means that physical distancing rules increases their risk of accident and injury. 

In addition, there are often multiple businesses working on the same site, including the lead contractor and several specialist trades.

“The sector needs to play its part in our national vaccination response and is doing so. But, right now, we need clarity, direction, and decisive action from government on vaccine mandates. In their absence, there is a risk of further disruption in the sector”, ended Mr. Kelly.