Ruanuku is Now Live!

30 August 2021

Master Builders are excited to announce that our online Contracts and Guarantees is now live. Collectively, we are calling this “Ruanuku”. 
This online functionality will provide significant value to you and your business as:

  • It will make completing contracts and guarantee applications easier and faster
  • It will be easier to amend contract details 
  • Its accessible on multiple devices 
  • It gives you increased visibility of contracts
  • It gives you Increased visibility of guarantee applications and what stage they are at in the process 

Ruanuku has been thoroughly piloted with a group of members and improvements made from the feedback received.  
Accessing Online Contracts and Guarantees (Ruanuku).
Ruanuku can be found on Offsite. All members and their staff who currently have access to Contracts and Guarantees will have access to online Contracts and Guarantees.

  1. Login to Offsite at
  2. Once logged in you are able to find Ruanuku under two locations 
  • On the right part of your screen on the home page
  • Under Resources > My Contracts > Ruanuku
Having problems?
If you experience a problem logging into Offsite please let us know by emailing us as at

We hope you enjoy using Ruanuku and the benefits it brings to your business.