WEBINAR | Becoming a Master Builder of Your Own Mind with 

Dr Tom Mulholland
Date: Tuesday 26 October 2021
Time: 4:00pm - 5.00pm

Maintaining yours and your staff's wellbeing and motivation under the current environment can be challenging.

This is why we are putting together a webinar, presented by Dr. Tom Mulholland to provide you some guidance and tools to assist you cope with the challenges you face. 

We encourage all to attend this webinar, you're welcome to share the link below with all your staff, family and friends as well. 

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Presenter: Dr Tom Mulholland
Dr Tom has given over 1000 keynote presentations on wellbeing to international clients including the likes of Google, Microsoft and Hilton.
Using his experience as a doctor, entrepreneur, CEO and as a stand-up comedian, he is an expert on workplace stress, emotional control, productivity and wellbeing to improve your way of thinking and outlook.
His presentation will have you laughing, crying, entertained and educated by an experienced doctor both in the clinic and on the stage.