2021 in Review and Brand Research Results

16 March 2022

Kia Ora,

2021 was another big year for the industry and for the Master Builders team. 
To give you an idea of what we got up to, we have pulled together a short video of some of the cool things we achieved in 2021. 

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Brand Research
Some of you may remember that back in 2019 we did our first ever brand research. We did this research again last year to check in on what members, consumers and non-members are thinking of our brand three years on*.

I am very pleased to say that our brand remains strong. It continues to be extremely well recognised, trusted, and associated with quality.  This is a great result and something we can all be proud of. Everyone has played their part in contributing to such strong brand that continues to be one of the main reasons for joining Master Builders. 

The research gave us a lot of information, so we have prepared the below to take you through some of the key findings. We hope you enjoy the video and are proud to be a Master Builder.   

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How to Promote Your Business: An Advertising Guide for Members

When looking to promote your business it is important to understand what options are available. Keeping up with all the various ways to advertise and promote can be overwhelming.

Advertising that you are a Master Builder alongside your own logo and branding is an essential way to show to potential customers the quality of the work that you produce. 

To simplify things, we have broken down some great ways to advertise, and how to make it happen in an Advertising Guide for Members that you can find in the Resources section of Offsite (My Benefits - Business Assistance), or you can click here.

If you are after more Marketing training for your business, don't forget we have the Marketing Fundamentals for Builders course and the Induction course on Using the Master Builders brand on Elevate.

Ngā mihi
David Kelly

*We surveyed 502 consumers who had recently built or renovated, 228 members, and 200 non-members