H1/AS1 5th Edition Extension to Transition Period  

18 July 2022

We are delighted to advise MBIE will extend the transition period for H1/AS1 5th edition by six months to 1 May 2023 for wall, floor, and roof insulation. However, window and door insulation requirements are not subject to a delay and will continue with the original timeframe of an interim R Value increase on 3 November 2022, with the further and final increase on 2 November 2023 (please see more below). 

We are pleased our advocacy efforts on this key issue has achieved a six-month delay; however, we know the outcome for windows and doors is not what many of our members would have wanted. There were many others in our sector advocating just as strongly for immediate implementation, and with over 800 submissions on the proposed extension, MBIE was required to make decisions considering all of these. 

Overview of the Extension Decision

There are three implementation timeframes:

  • 1 May 2023 for the new wall, floor and roof insulation requirements 
  • 3 November 2022 for interim R Values for doors and windows
  • 2 November 2023 for the final R Values for doors and windows

Requirements for windows and doors:

  • Construction in the upper North Island (climate zones 1-2) requires an interim minimum R value of 0.37 by 3 November 2022, and then a minimum R value of 0.46 by 2 November 2023.  
  • Construction in the rest of the country (climate zones 3-6) now also has an interim increase. These zones will be required to reach a minimum R value of 0.37 for all windows and doors by 3 November 2022, and increase this to R0.46 (zones 3-4) and R0.50 (zones 5-6) six months later, on 1 May 2023. 
  • By 2 November 2023, windows and doors in new housing will be required to meet the increase performance levels for all parts of the country.

If you can reach the higher level of insulation now, MBIE encourages you to do this. We are supportive of this for members that can but recognise that for many members the current operating environment makes this hugely difficult. However, you should all be starting to prepare now for the changes; 1 May 2023 (for wall, roof and floor) and 3 November 2022 (for interim window and doors) will come around quickly, and we don’t want any of you to be caught short.

We also strongly encourage you to communicate the changes to clients now so there are no surprises come 3 November 2022 and 1 May 2023. This includes in the design stage and in your planning. Our advice is to foreshadow the changes that are coming with your clients and/or the designers and ensure that any designs being worked through now for build after 1 May 2023 include the new insulation requirements.

Amended 5th Editions of Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 and Verification Method H1/VM1 will be published by MBIE in August 2022.To access the Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 and Verification Method H1/VM1 5th edition, please click here. A shorter summary of H1/AS1 5th edition can be found here

Further details of including the analysis of the submissions received by MBIE can be found in the outcomes document here.

MBIE Webinar 

As part of MBIE’s obligation to work alongside the building and construction sector to ensure successful implementation of the changes, they will host a webinar explaining further detail of the changes. MBIE will be joined by BRANZ and The New Zealand Green Building Council, and will discuss the compliance pathways for H1, what tools and information are available and some common construction details that can be used to comply.  

Details of the webinar are: 

Date: Thursday 4th August 2022
Time: 11.30am
Register Here

Next steps from Master Builders
We are working hard with key industry stakeholders to provide you with information on the H1/AS1 changes and how these will affect your business. We will continue to send out updates to members and are looking to develop a webinar on how to prepare for the changes and what the changes mean for you on the ground. 

Please continue to look out for these updates to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable information.