Important Change to Electronic Signatures

17 November 2022

We continually review our communications and processes to ensure obligations are clear for both homeowners and members and to mitigate risk for homeowners, members and Master Build Services. As part of this review, we have updated the requirements for electronic signatures.

We now allow electronic signatures of the Master Build Guarantee to be made using one of the following approved electronic signing tools:

  • Adobe
  • DocuSign
  • HelloSign by Dropbox 
  • Eversign 
  • Secured Signing 

Signing using a digital pen tool only or applying a signature using copy and paste are not approved methods.

The use of the approved signature tools helps us to mitigate the risk of fraud and/or allegations that the Master Build Guarantee is not validly entered into. 

There are several important benefits in using any of the approved signatory tools:

  • They prove the signature is authentic and is linked to the person signing
  • They detect alterations to signatures after they have been applied 
  • They detect any alterations made to the Master Build Guarantee application itself
  • They provide an audit trail.

These tools will provide all parties with confidence in the authenticity and integrity of the Master Build Guarantee and also mitigates the risk of us incurring unnecessary costs in proving the validity of a signature in the event of a legal dispute.

Use of an approved electronic signing tool is a condition of the acceptance of the Master Build Guarantee by Master Build Services Limited. 

To avoid delays or having to re-supply Guarantee application documents, please ensure you and your customer sign the Master Build Guarantee electronically using one of the approved electronic signing tools. 

This is an important step in continuing to uphold the integrity of the Master Build Guarantee and provide confidence in our offering.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact the Guarantee team on 0800 269 119 or at

Kind regards, 

Kirsty Forman
Product Manager