Introducing the New RMBA and MBS Boards

21 September 2022

We are excited to announce that we have a new National President, Vice President and Board Chairs for both the Registered Master Builders (RMBA) and the Master Build Services (MBS) Boards, and some new Directors. 

National President and Vice President:

Johnny Calley took over as National President, from Kerry Archer, at the AGM in August. Kieren Mallon has taken on the role of Vice President.  

Below are a few words from Johnny:

“With another challenging economic cycle on our industry’s doorstep, strong leadership and communication will go a long way in assisting members counter some of those headwinds. During my time as National President I’m looking forward to representing and connecting our members to both the RMBA & MBS boards with transparency, I’m a firm believer that communication is most effective when it goes in both directions so listening to members ambitions and concerns whilst promoting the huge variety of services on offer is just as important as the advocacy efforts in our quest to build a better New Zealand.” 
A big thank you to Kerry Archer for all his work and commitment and for what he has achieved in his two years as President.

Board Chairs:

Both the Registered Master Builders and the Master Build Service Boards have new Chairs.  Nigel Smith is the Chairman of the RMBA Board and Darrell Trigg is the Chairman of the MBS Board. 

Below are a few words from Nigel and Darrell:

“It has been a great privilege to receive support from the current RMBA board to be elected to the role of Chair. As we move forward into changing times in our industry, I am looking forward to providing leadership to a Board providing good governance including furthering our vision, supporting RMBA leadership to deliver our strategy, giving members assurance that progress is being made, whilst overseeing the stewardship of resources, and the guardianship of quality and safety to our membership – all done to the highest standards of ethics and transparency.”

"The Master Build Guarantee has been protecting more than 140,000 families for more than 25 years. It is one of the key benefits to Registered Master Builder members and provides great assurance to new and renovating homeowners. In these challenging times I intend to work to ensure the Guarantee Company continues to lead the way in providing this market leading product to New Zealanders. The nature of how we build new homes and what we build is also changing. I can assure members that a focus of the Guarantee Company is to manage the risk during this next sector evolution to ensure the new home guarantee product continues to be a key benefit to our members and their clients.”  

New Directors:

We are delighted to welcome three new Directors to our Boards:

  • Liz de Kort – RMBA Board
  • Tony Pexton – RMBA Board
  • Tania Smith – MBS Board

They all bring great expertise and experience to the table to guide and support the organisation and our members going forward. 

Our Boards: 

Registered Master Builders Board 

  • Nigel Smith (Chair)
  • Johnny Calley (National President)
  • Kieren Mallon (Vice President)
  • Kerry Archer
  • Gordon Buswell
  • Liz de Kort
  • Tony Pexton
  • Darrell Trigg

Master Build Services Board Directors:

  • Darrell Trigg (Chair)
  • Richard Carver
  • Peter Neven
  • Chris Preston
  • Ralph Stewart
  • Tania Smith 

You can find out more about all our directors on our website.