Men's Health Week 2022

This month kicks off Men’s Health Week 2022, this week is about confronting the poor health statistics facing kiwi men and promoting healthy behaviours and attitudes.

Master Builders knows full well that when our builders are in good health it’s not just great for them, but New Zealand as a whole. Our builders pride themselves on being smart about what they do, therefore, we also encourage them to be smart about their health.

This years Men's Health Week NZ theme is “start with the small steps”. It can be overwhelming to think about your health on top of everything else that is happening at the moment, but you need to look after yourself first and foremost to ensure good health for years to come. Small steps can enable you to turn your health issues around. Don't wait until something goes wrong - so much of what can go wrong can be prevented, and it is easy with small steps.

It’s vital to remember that even when we are flat out, it’s important to take time out for selves and prioritise our health. They have a created quizzes to help assess your prostate knowledge, take it here.

Check out all that they have to offer on their website