Mental Health Awareness Week

Kia Ora,

With Mental Health Awareness Week coming up on 26 September 2022, it’s a great reminder to check in with your employees about their wellbeing.
The theme this year is Reconnect. Reconnect with people and places that lift you up. As we know already, construction has the highest male suicide rate for any occupational group. The last few years have been tough and it’s easy to feel disconnected from the people and places that are important to us.

The Mental Health Awareness Week website is full of resources and things you can do to reconnect with yourself, your whānau, your friends or loved ones.
Check all the information here.
Elevate Courses:

Don't forget we also have three different webinars on Elevate you can watch any time to help you support your and your team’s mental wellness. All you have to do is login to Offsite.
  • Mates in Construction - Mental Wellness
  • John Kirwan Talks Mental Wellness
  • Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Awareness Week Webinar

Join the Mental Health Awareness team on Zoom for their first Mental Health Awareness Week webinar for workplaces: The power of reconnection - Boosting staff wellbeing and resilience in times of change and uncertainty.

You’ll hear from leading New Zealand experts in the fields of mental health, leadership development and workplace wellbeing: leadership coach Suzi McAlpine, clinical psychologist Dr Dougal Sutherland, Professor Dr Jarrod Haar from AUT, and Mental Health Foundation’s CEO Shaun Robinson.  

During the hour, you’ll learn about the power of reconnection on tackling some of the greatest challenges faced by workplaces today, including burnout and managing a remote or dispersed workforce.
Tue 27th September 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


0508 Mental Health Service:

Mental Health and the high suicide rates in the building industry have prompted some big discussions and has increased awareness of how serious it is to have help available to those who need it. Master Builders is here 24/7 to support our members. We are continuing to provide our member counselling service, available anytime if you need support.

The 0508 line has been set up for members and their staff to call when things are getting too much. Members will receive two free sessions. A first free counselling session is available via the phone for up to one hour. This can be followed up with a further free counselling session at the option of the member. Make sure to read more about the service here. Or call 0508 664 981

We have created a poster that you can print out for your staff room or display on your intranet.  

Te Wiki Hauora Tāne

Master Builders also is the leading sponsor for Men's Health Week.

In 2022 the Men's Health Week NZ theme is “start with the small steps”. It can be overwhelming to think about your health on top of everything else that is happening at the moment, but you need to look after yourself first and foremost to ensure good health for years to come. Small steps can enable you to turn your health issues around. Don't wait until something goes wrong – so much of what can go wrong can be prevented, and it is easy with small steps.

Start off with some of the Health Quizzes the team put together.

Don't forget about those that might be off work due to injury.   

ACC research shows that helping an injured employee stay connected to their workplace is good for their physical and mental recovery. It encourages social interaction, routine, and a sense of purpose, which all contribute to a better recovery.  ACC has created some useful resources to help you understand your role in recovery at work and start the conversation with your injured team members. Visit the ACC website to view the resources.

Other Resources
Mates in Construction website
Telehealth Service on 1737

Kind regards,
David Kelly