Master Builders Welcomes The Commerce Commission’s Draft Report For The Market Study Into Residential Building Supplies

5 August 2022

Master Builders Association welcomes the Commerce Commission’s draft report of its market study into residential building supplies, but calls for faster and more deliberate action. 

“This is a reasonable start in identifying factors negatively impacting competition and recommending actions to mitigate these. While we agree with the Commerce Commission that the regulatory system can facilitate more products coming into market, these ideas need to be translated into real action, and should be taken further,” said Master Builders CEO, David Kelly. 

“The BCA Centre of Excellence is one idea that has potential, because we need to bolster our expertise. However, we believe this entity should have broader powers to consolidate our consenting regime.” 

“New Zealand needs a centralised mechanism to drive better consenting consistency and responsiveness across Building Consent Authorities. We currently have over 60 consenting authorities operating in ad-hoc manner, and it is clear this is not working.”

“MBIE could fulfil this role now. Consenting authorities need direction on what products are suitable for use now, not in several years’ time. The Ministerial Taskforce for Plasterboard is an example of what responsive and deliberate action can achieve.” 

“The issue at hand is also more than just the cost of building products. The delays and inefficiencies in our consenting system create uncertainty, which cost both builders and homeowners in time and cost. Resolving these will improve productivity and clear some of the blockages identified by the Commission.”