Update to the Residential Sub-Contractor / Service Provider Agreement

9 August 2022

The Residential Working Group has recently been working with Hazelton Law to review and update the Residential Sub-Contractor / Service Provider Agreement. This agreement has not been substantially reviewed since 2016, and there was a need to ensure that it is fit for purpose in today’s environment. The review and the subsequent updates have sought to strike a balance between clearly identifying parties’ obligations, without making the document unwieldy. It aims to encourage the Sub-contractor / Service Provider to “get it right first time”, thus reducing the need for rework.

The main areas of the agreement that have been updated are:

  • Clause 8 – an updated section on the documentation to be provided by the service provider, including warranties.
  • Clause 12 – an enhanced Health and Safety section, including the acknowledgement of PCBU status and obligations.
  • Clause 13 – updated insurance amounts to reflect the current market.
  • Clause 14 – enhanced section, including detail on how to handle cost changes outside of the service provider’s reasonable control.
  • Clause 16 – expanded section to provide better clarity on payment terms / mechanism.

The updated Residential Sub-Contractor / Service Provider Agreement can be found on Offsite > Contracts > Residential Building Contracts > Sub Contract.