Building a Better New Zealand - Our Manifesto for Action

11 August 2023

Ahead of this year’s election, we have released our policy recommendations for Government policy and focus. Government must urgently work with the sector to address the boom-bust cycle to improve housing, lift productivity, and manage the impacts of climate change.  

Our sector matters for New Zealand. Not only are we significant contributors to GDP, but we also build the homes, schools, hospitals and other vital infrastructure New Zealand needs. Yet New Zealand’s housing and construction system is under pressure and is being held back from being able to deliver what the country requires.

The manifesto outlines three critical areas where we think there needs to be bold and consistent action:

  • Smoothing the boom-bust cycle to ensure a sustainable sector and workforce, able to deliver the affordable housing and critical infrastructure the country needs.
  • Improve productivity - consenting and procurement are two areas which are currently getting in the way and costing the sector and the country time and money.
  • Climate action is non-negotiable, we are all experiencing the impacts. Government must work with the sector on where we build, how we build and how we can recycle to reduce our footprint.

Our issues are well known, and there are solutions, but they will take time and consistent action from multiple Governments. We are urging that our sector can no longer be a political football. We want bold and consistent action.

I urge all of you to read our manifesto, and discuss it with local MPs, council and others in the industry. We can create positive change for our sector.

Read the full manifesto here.