Concentration and Focus until the End

Jeremy Pearce
Upper South Island Regional Winner

Jeremy Pearce is employed by  Scott Construction and his training provider was BCITO, a business  division of Te Pūkenga. 


For Jeremy, being challenged in a high stress environment and continuing to persevere was a standout aspect of  the competition.  “I’ve really learnt a lot about myself  and my abilities, being able to manage the pressure and to remain calm in  
the face of new challenges was a skill I didn’t realise I had. Taking part in the competition fostered personal growth and development, and I’m really grateful for that,” says Jeremy. 

Advice for Apprentices:

“The main piece of advice I have for anyone in the industry, is to make the most of any and every opportunity that is offered. Saying yes and being willing to learn is one of the best things you can do for yourself, you won’t regret it”. 


The biggest challenge for Jeremy was the intensity of the competition environment. 

“The six-hour practical component was high-stakes, not only was it physically and mentally demanding with time constraints and fierce competition, but it was also daunting because at times there was a large live audience that were analysing our every move.” Says Jeremy 

“Once I got started, I was able to get into a composed headspace and concentrate on the task ahead. I hardly noticed the spectators, and instead focused on doing the best that I could,” continues Jeremy.

Judges comments:

Jeremy Pearce is an apprentice who is well regarded by his peers. He showed very good knowledge of his worksite, health and safety, and understanding all facets of the build. Jeremy demonstrated professionalism and good communication skills during his interview. He was able to clearly explain his plans, materials, and the legislative requirements, and if he didn’t know the answer, he knew where  to find the information.