Zoning Everyone Out, To Zone In

Vishal Toi Toi
Ba of Plenty / Central Plateau Regional Winner

Vishal is employed by 90 Degrees Construction and his training provider is BCITO, a business division of Te Pūkenga.


For Vishal, the competition was a great opportunity to challenge himself and see how he measured up to others in a similar position.  

“I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of tasks involved in this competition and the challenges that came with it. However, having my bosses, family, and partner around me during the practical component of the competition not only put me at ease but made me feel incredibly supported.” Says Vishal.  

“The competition was a huge learning curve; it reinforced the importance of remaining calm under pressure and to take your time when reading through the plans. If you can do this, it will provide you with a better understanding of what of what you need to do, in order to achieve the task,” continues Vishal. 

Advice for Apprentices:

“My main advice for anyone wanting to get into the industry and give the competition a go, is to have a positive  can-do attitude, have a willingness to  learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”


The biggest challenge for Vishal throughout the competition was the day of the practical build.  

“Working in an environment where you can look over at your peers and see what stage they are at can make you question if you are on the right track. I learnt very quickly to block out what they were doing and purely focus on the project I was working on,” says Vishal. 

Judges comments:

Vishal’s passion and enthusiasm for his job really shone through.
He demonstrated a positive attitude  and willingness to learn, enabling him  to acquire the fundamental skills required to be a good builder. He has developed great self-management skills and is able to think critically to achieve his goals. Co-running his site has given Vishal the valuable opportunity of managing a build from start to finish, teaching him the skills of planning, people, and time management.