Community Minded

Cambride Police Hub
Special Award
Alaska Construction Interiors 
Alaska Construction Interiors (Construction Company), PAUA Architects (Architect/Designer), Tainui Group Holdings (Developer)

About the build:

The recently unveiled Cambridge Police Hub stands out as a one-of-a-kind establishment in New Zealand. Its design harmoniously aligns with the needs of the police force while simultaneously being open and inviting to the local community, all the while paying homage to the cultural identity of the local iwi.

The project encountered significant hurdles, notably the pressing need to complete construction before the expiration of the lease on the existing station. In the face of disruptions to the supply chain, lockdowns, and the intricacies of the building process, the project team triumphed in delivering the project within the demanding time constraints.

At its core, this project was driven by a strong sense of community, aiming to nurture a feeling of communal ownership and pride. The Cambridge Police Hub aspires to be more than just a functional facility; it seeks to become a cornerstone of the local community, embodying the values and aspirations of its residents



Judges comments:

The Cambridge Police Hub is unlike any other in New Zealand. It is the first police hub to be developed under a partnership agreement between Tainui Group Holdings and NZ Police to support the build of modern, sustainable, community-minded police facilities across the Waikato.

Designed to house 15 staff, while incorporating co-location spaces for community groups and local iwi, this new Hub moves away from the traditional look and feel of a police station and incorporates the concept of “manaakitanga”. The space provides services to the community, while enabling public safety.

The building successfully incorporates many elements reflecting the local environment and community, including visual features of significance to Waikato Tainui, and use of the region’s Hinuera stonework.