Survey about risk and productivity in the construction sector

15 April 2020

BRANZ are interested in hearing from those that have experience in either the horizontal or vertical construction sector. 

With that in mind:

  • Are you a business owner or senior manager in the construction sector? 
  • Do you want to contribute to improving the construction industry’s profitability and financial sustainability? 
  • Would you like to learn about your organisation’s resilience strengths and weaknesses? 

If yes, we invite you to participate in their research. 

The survey will take 15-20 minutes and you have the option of receiving a personalised report based on your responses.

Complete the survey now
The aim of their project is to help improve the productivity of the vertical construction sector through enhanced risk management and organisational resilience processes. 

By promoting enhanced risk management strategies and resilience practices, they hope to move towards a more productive, higher quality and more stable vertical construction industry contributing to improved socio-economic well-being in New Zealand.

Your responses will be used to build a model of the construction sector that simulates how risk flows across the sector. The model will act as a learning tool, building intuition and understanding of the complex sector, and consensus on the nature and sources of risk and productivity threats.

For more information about the research contact:

Charlotte Brown, Resilient Organisations,