COVID-19 Update

17 April 2020

Prime Minister’s announcement

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced Alert Level 3 allows for the opening of some businesses, including those in the building and construction sector. Workplaces must operate safely – keeping distance between workers, recording who is working together, limiting interaction between groups of workers, disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining high hygiene standards. 

The Prime Minister also referred to business self-accreditation, this means businesses will need to provide a plan for working on sites. These plans will refer to the protocols, which you can use as a basis for the plan. Once the Government makes further information available about these plans, we will send it out to you. 

On Monday, the Government will announce whether we drop from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3 later next week. We will update members on the Government’s announcement on Monday. 

More information about what Alert Level 3 means for you can be found here.

New COVID-19 Health and Safety Standards and Protocols

As we transition back to work when alert levels are lifted, health and safety must be the top priority for all businesses and workers. Strict safety standards and protocols are essential to both protect workers and stop the spread of COVID-19, and to give people confidence that it is safe to return to work. 

Through the Accord, we’ve been part of a cross-sector group that has developed standards and protocols for all residential and commercial builders to use once they go back on site. The standards lay out the key principles and requirements for healthy and safe construction-related operations under COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and above. There are two protocols, one each for commercial and residential builders. These will guide how to implement the standards. 

Joining forces with organisations like Site Safe, CHASNZ, Certified Builders, Specialist Trades, Master Plumbers, as well as builders like Fletcher Living, Jennian, Classic Builders, Calley Homes, Generation Homes, Milestone, and Universal shows the ability to come together and develop support for the betterment of sector. 

If you have any questions about the protocols, please contact your local Regional Service Manager. 

You can download copies of the standards and protocols here.

Working with your suppliers once lockdown finishes

We recommend starting to think about what products you need for your projects now for when lockdown finishes. Contacting your suppliers early helps them manage products and can assist in reducing any further disruptions once you’re back on site. Suppliers have told us that depending on products, they may need time to get products back in stock.

Government tax announcements 

On Tuesday, the Government announced a new suite of measures for small to medium sized businesses. The new measures include:     

  • $3.1 billion tax loss carry-back scheme
  • Changes to the tax loss continuity rules
  • IRD providing more flexibility for businesses to meet their tax obligations. 

You can find more information about these measures here.