A Seamless Integration for the Win

Roger Gilchrist Building Services
National Supreme Renovation of the Year

Renovation over $1.5 million

National Supreme Renovation of the Year
National Category Winner
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Regional Supreme Renovation of the Year
Regional Category Winner
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Luke Gilchrist, Manager at Roger Gilchrist Building Services, was excited and extremely proud when they won the Supreme Renovation Award at the 2022 National House of the Year Awards.

“This renovation was really unique, it has so many amazing features. I think what made it stand out compared to a lot of the other homes in the competition was the seamless blend of old and new, whilst still maintaining the original character of a pre-1900 homestead.

“My favourite feature is the flow from the entrance atrium into the bright, expansive open plan living and kitchen area, sandwiched between two very peaceful outdoor living spaces,” Luke says. 


This renovation was no walk in the park for the team at Roger Gilchrist Building Services and there were a few hurdles to overcome.

“Although the integration between old and new was done seamlessly, it was very difficult integrating new modern spaces into a pre-1900 Oamaru stone structure, as we had to ensure we maintained the character and important features of the original home,” says Luke. 

“The renovation was a welcome challenge and our hard work paid off. This win showcases the abilities of our small family-owned business as well as our high-quality local subcontractors and gives them the recognition they all deserve,” continues Luke.

Judges comments:

The owner’s vision for this property was to re-imagine the evolution of this family home. The old and the new have been blended to ensure it continues to serve both the family and community by providing an oasis for reflection and inspiration. 

This magnificent renovation is one to truly be admired. It’s clear that all involved have worked tirelessly to fulfil the homeowner’s dream. The transformation of this 783 square metre home was an outstanding team effort between the homeowners, architect, builder, subtrades and interior designer. The very high standard of workmanship and attention to detail makes this home a worthy recipient of the National Supreme Renovation of the Year award.