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National Supreme House of the Year Over $1 million

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Mark Metzger, director of Metzger Builders Ltd (MBL), was elated when his team took out the National Supreme House of the Year Over $1 million Award at last year’s event. 

“I was just so happy for our large contingent of staff at the awards to experience the raw emotion and excitement of victory. Everyone had worked so hard, so it was great to receive that recognition. 

“A win like this continues to emphasize our positive profile in the industry and helps to cement ongoing quality contracts moving forward this year and into 2024” says Mark. 


This build was no simple feat and the MBL team had to be strategic and smart. 

“This build was a standout from the scope and size, to the design and high end spec of materials used. There was a real degree of difficulty when it came to crafting everything together.

“At almost 1000m2, the sheer magnitude of the build was a challenge in itself, along with the scale of the structural steel, working with new materials and improvising unique methods to construct and create details,” says Mark.

Judges comments:

This fabulous home has been immaculately designed and built to the highest standards of workmanship. Big isn’t always beautiful, but this home is exceptional. Every aspect of the home reflects the quality of the builders.

It has the scale of a commercial build, but at the same time, is highly livable. This home is made up of solid brass, herringbone timber, quality tiles, marble, bluestone, detailed wall panelling, and textured wallpapers. It has pushed the boundaries in terms of its ambition, but it does so with a sense of style and grace.