14 December 2022

Christmas is nearly here, and entries will be opening soon for House of the Year 2023!

Before entries open on Monday 9th January 2023, we want to give you a heads up about some changes to the competition you will need to know about.

We also have, hot off the press, the Entry Guide for 2023!


Introduction of a Code of Conduct:

Registered Master Builders has introduced a code of conduct for all of our events making it clear to entrants and attendees what our expectations are. Please familiarise yourself with this document, you can view it here.

Region of Entry:

There will be a change to the Terms and Conditions to say that an entry must be entered in the region where it was built - If you want to enter in a region outside of where the entry is built, NMC approval is required.

Entry Fee:

There will be a small increase to the entry fee from 2023 as outlined below. The entry fee is a contribution to the cost of the running the competition. House of the Year provides a wide range of benefits and advantages to those who enter and remains a good investment and good value for our members. As part of these fee changes, we have also introduced a reduced rate for a first-time entry (since 2015*) to help encourage newcomers to the competition.

2023 Fee:
$1,750 + GST
$1,550 + GST for second entry
$1,450 + GST for third and subsequent entries
$1,250 + GST for first time entry (since 2015*) – 2nd, 3rd entries charged standard fee

Used to be:
$1,600 + GST
$1,360 + GST for second entry
$1,120+GST for third and subsequent entries

There are no changes to the Top 100 fee to continue in the competition.

Categories and Awards
There are no changes to the categories or other awards for 2023 and we will be continuing with the two New Home Supreme Awards (Over and Under $1million) for those regions that qualify.

Entries Open 9 January 2023

We are looking forward to seeing your entry. If you have any questions, please get in touch at

Kind regards,
The House of the Year Team

* We are only able to check whether someone is a first-time entrant since 2015 as this is when we centralised the competition and put entries online.