New Zealand launches its first Building Information Modelling Innovation Awards for the construction industry 

23 July 2019

Entries are now open for New Zealand’s first awards recognising the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), launched by Registered Master Builders.

BIM is software used on building and construction projects providing greater collaboration between designers, contractors, developers, manufacturers and engineers. It is revolutionising the way we build, ensuring everyone involved in a project can share data and see potential conflicts between different design plans. 

“Anyone working in the industry knows how complex modern buildings are. BIM offers a way to collect information that will help to manage the ever-growing complexity, and deliver the calibre of buildings our towns and cities need,” says Registered Master Builders Chief Executive, David Kelly. 

BIM is now widespread across the industry, with clients, designers and constructors benefiting from the project improvements and efficiency gains the collaboration software provides.  

“Greater collaboration is needed across the construction sector and BIM is the key to making that a reality on site. We are pleased to be launching these awards to celebrate those who are using this software, and to share insights into what it makes possible,” says David Kelly. “Ultimately, BIM is the future of construction and will bring major improvements in design, efficiency and cost savings.”

BRANZ research anticipates that in 2019 the proportion of projects using BIM will rise to 67%. BIM has been popular with designers and architects in New Zealand for a number of years, but is now also being used by the construction companies.

“BIM has come a long way in New Zealand very quickly. For many in the room at our first Constructive Forum in 2016, BIM was a new technology. But at last year’s Forum is was clear BIM is now being used on the majority of large projects,” says David. “We are pleased to be launching the awards at this year’s Forum.

“This demonstrates that, as a sector, we are moving and innovating. We need to embrace new technologies and share our knowledge and learning if we are to improve productivity and deliver the step change the country requires.” 

The BIM Innovation Awards will recognise the teams who are successfully collaborating using BIM software during the design and construction stages of their projects.  Entries are now open, and the winners will be announced at the 2019 Constructive Forum on 12 September. 

“As more people use BIM, more people become aware of it and can see the value of it. It’s a great tool for collaboration and these awards will recognise the BIM leaders and innovators that are transforming our sector.” 

About the BIM Innovation Awards

The awards aim to celebrate the outstanding work the building and construction industry is delivering with BIM by:
Highlighting the ability and potential of BIM to provide effective and innovative solutions to project challenges.
Recognising project teams for their superior examples of BIM in enhancing collaboration and productivity.
Championing examples of project teams adopting a more collaborative design and construction process by utilising BIM to meet project objectives. 

There are three categories:
Projects under NZD $25 million
Projects between NZD $25-$50 million
Projects above NZD $50 million

Entries for the Awards will close on 23 August 2019. For more information, or to apply, visit Constructive 2019 BIM Innovation Awards