Free 0800 helpline for members

Compared to any other industry, the construction sector has the highest suicide rate for employed men in New Zealand. Over 40 people in the construction sector took their own lives in the past year. 

Mental health issues affect one in four New Zealanders and research from Australia indicates construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than in a workplace accident*.

We, as an industry, need to do something about this by looking after ourselves and our workmates.

Registered Master Builders has introduced a member counselling service so you, and your staff, can get some help when you feel the pressure at work or at home is becoming too much. You can call 0800 800 397 at any time and be connected with professional, qualified support.

It is best to get help early rather than let things build up. The longer issues are ignored, the bigger they get, and the more they affect both your work and home life. It takes strength to ask for help. Talking with a professional helps you to take charge and move forward. Remember, you are not alone.

About the counselling service:

Registered Master Builders have contracted EWP Counselling Services to provide an inital assessment for our members and their staff if they feel they are not coping with the day to day pressures of life.

EWP Counselling Services is a network of highly respected professionals providing fully researched, best practice wellness solutions to improve both individual and workplace wellbeing for Kiwi companies.

How much does it cost?

The first call of 30 minutes is totally free as it is being funded by Registered Master Builders Association**. 

Who can use this service?

This 0800 number is for Registered Master Builder members, and their staff and connects you to confidential counselling services.


How will phoning the 0800 number help?

The trained counsellor will help you clarify the issues, identify the goals and outcomes you want and develop action plans to help you. Further counselling may be recommended depending on your situation. The counsellor will listen – not judge.


Does counselling really work?

In EWP’s experience, many people who have used their counselling service have said that they found it valuable.  In fact, many said that they wished they had made an appointment sooner.


Is the service confidential?

All sessions are totally confidential.  Your information is not shared with anyone, unless you give your permission.  The only exception is if EWP believe your personal safety or that of others is at risk.


How do I get in touch with this service?

Call 0800 800 397 - you can phone any time day or night and EWP will arrange for a professional counselling expert to get in touch. Appointments can be face-to-face, over Skype or the phone – whatever works best.


If you are under pressure and feel that you are not coping take some control back and call 0800 800 397.  This first step makes all the difference. 


Further Information: 

Visit Offsite (the members area of the RMBA website) for more information and resources.


*Source: BRANZ Mental Health in the Construction Industry Scoping Study.
** Any further counselling is not covered by this service and will need to be discussed with the counsellor.