A Night of Celebration at the 2024 Commercial Project Awards

28 May 2024

This year’s New Zealand Commercial Project Awards once again showcased the exceptional talent and innovation within our industry. From groundbreaking designs to sustainable practices, the 2024 awards celebrated the collaborative efforts of teams dedicated to pushing the boundaries of commercial construction. This year, the Supreme Award was spilt into two categories to recognise projects under and over $10 million to better reflect the market and celebrate top commercial construction across different price brackets.  

We extend our congratulations to all entrants and winners. Their remarkable projects not only exemplify building excellence but also highlight the resilience and adaptability of our sector in the face of ongoing challenges such as inflation, material shortages, and skilled labour constraints.

Sustainability Takes Centre Stage
This year's entrants showcased a strong interest in energy-saving and low-carbon emissions building methodologies. The trend towards sustainable building practices reflects a growing awareness within the commercial sector of the importance of environmental stewardship. Notably, this shift is now across the sector, with private sector, increasingly valuing sustainability, and environmental protection.
Many of the projects demonstrated a focus on recycling and water conservation, showcasing inventive ways to achieve results using existing materials. The emphasis on reusing buildings and materials aligns with broader conservation and sustainability goals and set certain projects apart through their innovative approaches.

Innovative Procurement Strategies
A trend we see in many successful projects is a focus on value rather than just the lowest cost. Clients are increasingly valuing partnerships that deliver excellent outcomes, rather than simply focusing on driving down the budget. This makes sense when you consider the lifespan of these projects. Cutting corners in the build can have significant negative impacts on the ongoing costs and value of the building. Successful projects are built on trusting relationships where clients and contractors can openly discuss the risks and opportunities for the project.

Overcoming Challenges
The past few years have not been without their challenges. However, this year's finalists have demonstrated resilience and ingenuity in overcoming issues such as the material supply shortages that have persisted throughout the delivery of these projects. By prioritising collaboration and leveraging trusted relationships, these projects have managed to deliver exceptional results.

And the Supreme winners are…

Supreme Over $10 Million Award: Whangārei Civic Centre entered by Canam Commercial

Supreme Under $10 Million Award: Arup Offices entered by Unispace

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our 2024 winners – this year’s competition highlights how complex, sustainable, and sophisticated commercial construction in New Zealand is.

Along with the Supreme Over $10 Million Award, Canam Commercial took out the Civic Project category and the Commercial Project Over $25 Million Value Award. The new Whangārei Civic Centre stands as a pinnacle of commercial construction, located in the heart of the city, it is the new headquarters for the Whangārei District Council.

A stand-out feature of the project was its substantial contribution to local employment. Over 80% of the workforce were residents from the local area, with women representing 20 percent of the onsite staff, and apprentices or trainees accounting for another 20 percent, making a lasting and positive impact on the local community.

Unispace carried out a beautifully executed office space for Arup. It stands out as a beacon of holistic design and construction excellence. The project met the stringent demands of the Living Building Challenge, resulting in a pioneering achievement. In addition to the Supreme Under $10 Million Award, Unispace also took out the Commercial Fit Out Award, the Commercial Project $1 – $3 million Value Award, and the Mitre 10 Trade Environmental and Sustainable Award.

To see the full list of winners and their projects, check out the NZ Commercial Projects Awards website

The New Zealand Commercial Project Awards are made possible thanks to the support of Altus Windows System, CARTERS, GIB, Mitre10 Trade and SpecAdvisor.

We asked our sponsors to share their highlights

The New Zealand Commercial Project Awards celebrate the skills, creativity and determination of the project teams involved. These awards are a true testament to what can be achieved by working together in the face of huge challenges. And the results of that collaborative approach are outstanding by any measure. Altus Window Systems, along with our Fabrication network, commend and applaud this year’s entrants and winners. Congratulations to you all.

-    Scott Thompson, Marketing Manager, Altus Window Systems

CARTERS are proud to support the New Zealand Commercial Project Awards, which shines a light on the best in class within our industry. The 2024 entrants have set a remarkable standard, showcasing their expertise, dedication, and passion in their craft. We take pride in working alongside many of these outstanding professionals. Congratulations to all the winners - your achievements are truly commendable.

-    Mike Guy, Chief Executive, CARTERS

The New Zealand Commercial Project Awards brings our industry together to celebrate outstanding New Zealand commercial buildings, but most importantly to acknowledge and award the teams for their joint success. It is a great honour to back this gala event, please join us in congratulating all the entrants and winners at this year’s awards.

-    Clara Sumner, Partnership Manager, Winstone Wallboards (GIB)

Mitre 10 is proud to support the New Zealand Commercial Project Awards, shining a deserving light on the dedication and innovation of commercial project teams across the country. The awards showcase the outstanding achievements born from collaboration, perseverance, and innovation. Congratulations to all entrants and winners on your exceptional contributions and success!

-    Mark Moffitt, Head of Trade, Mitre 10 NZ

Our team at Construction Marketing Services are proud to be involved with these prestigious awards and support many of the entrants with our SpecAdvisor services. We congratulate all of this year’s entrants and awards recipients.

-    Ian Watt, General Manager, SpecAdvisor / Construction Marketing Services