Working Groups

Registered Master Builders Association has three working groups we work with in order to find areas that need advocating on in the construction sector. These groups provide technical guidance and advice on how RMBA can work with government on improving business for our members. 

Vertical Construction Leaders Group
The Vertical Construction Leaders Group (VCLG) is founded by Master Builders and is made up of CEOs representing the top voices in the commercial construction industry. The VCLG aims to prosperity in the construction sector through industry wide collaboration and advocating for high impact outcomes for all New Zealand.

For more information, visit the Vertical Construction Leaders Group website

Residential Working Group
The Residential Working Group (RWG) is made up of RMBA members from around New Zealand that have substantial experience in residential construction. The Residential Working Group meets quarterly to discuss changes and issues facing the residential sector specifically and how RMBA can advocate for better working practices in the horizontal working space.

Commercial Working Group
The Commercial Working Group (CWG) has taken an extended break and will recommence in the first quarter of 2022. The Commercial Working Group will meet quarterly, to discuss changes and issues facing the commercial construction industry and how RMBA can advocate for our commercial construction members.