Celebrate Building Excellence – Enter House of the Year

We invite you to be part of New Zealand's leading residential building awards programme – Registered Master Builders House of the Year. Enter and be part of celebrating New Zealand's best homes, all created by Master Builders.

These awards are a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your business, celebrate and recognise the work and skill of your team, and increase your profile. 

This awards programme differentiates you from the rest and provides you with a mark of quality to help grow and promote your business.

There is a category for everyone – from renovations, show homes and multi-units through to new builds in every price range.

Click here to take a look at the 2022 House of the Year entry guide.

There are a few important changes to the 2022 competition you need to know about – you can read about them below.

We are looking forward to receiving your entry and to once again showcasing what New Zealand’s best builders have to offer.

Entries Close 25 February 2022

2022 Changes

Three Supreme Awards
We want to encourage entries across all price brackets, so we have a strong a healthy competition across the board.  Every year, more and more of our entries are in the over $1million categories so to create an even playing field for the Supreme Awards, we are introducing three Supreme Awards at both a regional and national level from 2022. 

  • Supreme Renovation of the Year
  • Supreme House of the Year - under $1 million
  • Supreme House of the Year - over $1 million

Please note: 

  • A region must have a minimum of 20 entries to be eligible for the two Supreme House of the Year Awards .
  • Supreme Awards can only be awarded to Gold Medal winners.  A regional supreme award will only be awarded if the gold awards meets a minimum points threshold of 1850.

Category Value Ranges
Some changes have been made to the category ranges to better reflect the cost of building in today’s environment.  The changes are:
Some changes have been made to the category ranges to better reflect the cost of building in today’s environment.  The changes are:


From 2022:

Renovation Categories:


Renovation up to $500,000

Renovation up to $750,000

Renovation $500,000-$1 million

Renovation $750,000 - $1.5 million

Renovation Over $1 million

Renovation Over $1.5 million

New Home Categories:


Volume/Group Housing New Home Up to $450k

Volume/Group Housing New Home Up to $500k


Volume/Group Housing New Home $450k - $750k

Volume/Group Housing New Home Up to $500k - $750k

New Home up to $450,000

New Home up to $500,000

New Home $450,000 - $600,000

New Home $500,000 - $750,000

New Home Over $2 million

New Home $2 million - $4 million

New Home Over $2 million

New Home Over $4 million

Sustainable and Environmental Excellence Award
Updated from the previous Sustainable Award, this award recognises and rewards new approaches to building and renovating homes. Judges will consider the way the building company has incorporated both sustainability and environmental principles in the home's design, choice and installation of materials, and the way In which it has been built.  All entries will now be considered for this award, you will not need to opt in.

Code of Compliance
Code of Compliance is needed by the entries close date (25 February 2022). We will accept the final pass notification documentation until the Code Compliance Certificate can be provided. The Code Compliance Certificate must be provided before judging. If it isn’t, then the entry will be withdrawn and the entry fee will not be refunded (as judging costs would have been incurred).

Build Cost
Due to the variability of consenting costs around the country, Council consenting fees are now excluded from the build cost.  

Vaccination Policy
To protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the competition and the wider community we require anyone present at judging to be fully vaccinated, including builder representatives and judges. 

All attendees at the House of the Year Regional and National Award Galas must also be fully vaccinated.  

Proof of Vaccination will be the Ministry of Health issued My Vaccine Pass which the judges will scan at the property using the Ministry of Health’s NZ Pass Verifier app.  Our judges are fully vaccinated, and you are welcome to ask to see their Vaccine Pass.

We understand that a very limited amount of people can’t have the vaccine and are exempt. In this instance, proof of a valid exemption certificate, issued by the Ministry of Health, is required to attend a House of the Year event.

How to enter

To enter and find out all you need to know about the competition, log into the entry site at www.masterbuilder.org.nz/HOY.

You can also get in touch with your Regional Branch and Events Manager for more information  - click here for contact details. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch at hoy@masterbuilder.org.nz 

Kind regards,

The House of the Year Team